The Story of my Life week 2 and HOLIDAY MADNESS intro


The page I made this week as part of the Story of my Life Journal can’t be shown yet!  HA!  Best laid plans and all that.  Here’s a teaser, though!

There is some other craziness happening, though – both dealing with THE BOOK.

Crazy long post ahead.  Don’t try to read it at a traffic light.  Also, PUT YOUR DAMN PHONE DOWN – YOU’RE DRIVING. 


SO – let me give you a little bit of backstory.  A long time ago in a galaxy far away, there was a girl who wore too much eyeliner.  One of her English teachers gave her a writing assignment, to write an essay detailing what she would do to make the world a happier place (listen up, Millenials – we were trying to figure out how to make everything better way back in the 90s, too).  That girl wrote all about how happy people were on holidays and how the world would be happier if every day were a holiday.  Obviously the girl was well-versed in hyperbole and was completely full of it.

Okay, spoiler alert, that was me.  I have always had that idea in the back of my mind, though, being completely full of it at the time or not.  It has been a part of my art journaling journey – one of the prompts for Chronicles was about illustrating today’s weird holiday, and one of my lessons in Radiant Art Journals was about weird holidays.  I’ve given away freebies on wonderstrange involving weird holidays (the caviar sundae pattern still cracks me up).  It’s been a lifelong obsession.  

Last week I decided we were going to make this a THING.  We were doing it.  We were totally doing it.  We’ve already missed a couple of days, but HEY.  We’re still doing it.

The first day of the adventure, the day I said “YOU ARE ALL GOING ON THIS CRAZY JOURNEY WITH ME” was Blame Someone Else Day (August 13).  We all blamed Jerod, my oldest child.  He’s never home, so he couldn’t keep us from doing it.  TAKE THAT, JEROD!

The next day was WAY MORE FUN.  It was National Creamsicle Day.  We ate creamsicles.

Man that’s a terrible picture.  Hard to believe it took three tries to get one even that good, right?  Ha!  (If you’re interested in a Roll Call, from L to R, Drucilla, Chase ((one of my accessory children, i.e., one of my kid’s friends)), Sebastian, The Manflesh).

I also designed this cute pattern in honor of the holiday that you can find on wonderstrange.

August 15 was National Relaxation Day and National Failure Day.  I spent the morning feeling like a failure and then went to yoga and relaxed.  Celebrating National Failure Day was in no way part of the plan.  The kids relaxed.  They kind of do that every day, though.  WHATEVER.

August 16 was Bratwurst Day, which we failed to celebrate.  August 17 was National Thrift Shop Day!  WOOOOO!!!  We went and popped some tags.  We didn’t do the big drive to go to a good thrift shop, so we didn’t really find much, but the kids had fun looking at weird stuff.  Bastian did find this awesome vintage stamp for me though!

August 18 was Bad Poetry Day.  I told everyone to write a poem, and almost everyone did it.  They were all bad.  

Chicken Chicken
Bok Bok
Chicken Chicken

– The Manflesh

Potato Potato Eats Tomato
Tomato Tomato Eats Potato

– Drucilla

Woke up this morning
And my clothes were mismated.
I is frustrated.

– Jerod

They are all masters, amiright?!

August 19 was Potato day.  Drucilla and I made potato stamps.  It was super entertaining.  She made a lovely watermelon –

And I made a skull.  I’m sure no one is shocked.

We also made the local delivery place bring us fries.  Okay paid more than made.  But delicious all the same.  (I promise there are fries under there.)

We had mashed potatoes too, but I didn’t bother with a picture.  You’ve seen one mashed potato, you’ve seen them all.

August 20 was National Radio Day, which we sort of celebrated by listening to Faction on Sirius.  The next two days are a wash, although yesterday, August 22, it was Be An Angel day.  I assured Druzie that she celebrated it by being herself.  And then rolled my eyes at my cheesiness.  Parenting.  hahah!

So that brings us around to today, which is Spongecake Day.  I’m going to attempt to find a Spongecake at the local grocery store, but I’m not feeling optimistic about my chances, so today might be a wash too!

I have learned, during the last 10 days or so, that celebrating a holiday every day does actually make us all a little happier.  We’ve definitely all been more in the moment, which is always good.  We’ve had a few hiccups – Sebastian stressed himself out on Bad Poetry Day and I totally planned on buying bratwurst for Bratwurst Day and then totally forgot about it until I was cooking dinner – but, since this is supposed to be a fun little thing, we’re not stressing out about it.  Life, to me, is all about the little moments, the small joys, the surprise bits of happy.  This is all about acknowledging them, even if they are just taking 5 minutes out to eat ice cream.

NOW the second part!  Witchery!

When I made the giant dictionary journal, I intended on working through from beginning to end, flipping it over, and then working back the other way.  I have also always wanted to make myself a book of witchery – something other people would call their grimoire or book of shadows – and pondered altering yet another dictionary for the madness.  I also thought maybe, just maybe, I could somehow incorporate it into the Story of my Life book, but I couldn’t decide.  I waffled.  I talked about it with The Manflesh in one of my huge rambling moments of blah blah blah, and he said, “it’s part of your life, totally use the same book.”  Oh.  Yeah.  Right.  Of course!

So I flipped the book over, cut a pentacle out of chipboard and glued it on.  I used gel medium to give it a coat of black tissue paper (I like how it looks like shadows are sort of invading the book) and then dry brushed with metallic copper paint.  Ended up with this lovely bit of lovely!

Close up!

I haven’t done anything of importance in it yet.  One of the things I definitely wanted to incorporate is an in-depth study of tarot – I have wanted to make my own deck for at least 10 years and don’t read enough anymore to have an intuitive understanding of the cards, so that needs to change!  I decided the first 78 pages of the journal will be dedicated to tarot.  I found a printable Rider Waite deck on and cut it apart.  I glued each card on its own page so that I can write about meanings and feelings and notes about my own personal symbols for the cards so that I can, indeed, make my own deck.  Hopefully those paintings will come as I study each card, but I’m not necessarily requiring that to happen.  It’s been waiting 10 years – it can wait a little longer!

So as I keep working on the Story posts, there may be a little Witchery in there.

More on the plans for all of that next week!

In the meantime, I hope your week is full of the acknowledgement of small joys.


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  1. Joy ONeil

    Love you Sarah!! You always make me smile 🙂 I love your holiday idea and your book is going to be awesome!!!!

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