1. Cindy G

    I love the speech bubble stencil and especially the way you used it in your journal! As for the mandalas, I'm torn between the lotus designs and the eye designs. They're all so great!

  2. Ima Goddess

    I'm really scared part of you will rub off onto the stencil and then into me and I'll start drawing crazy chicks with wide s——m—–I—–L—–e—-s and crazy eYEs. But I still wanna win. 👍🏻

  3. Ruth

    I always share to facebook… 😀 I don't need credit.

    BUBBLES! We always need these and I never knew it until right now. Bossy babies in particular and still… 😀 I can think of so many other spots. You are the lady with the mostest… thank you for these. I still have a cart full at your shop… I haven't made listings so I haven't sold listings. LMAO… workin' on it… xxoo

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