People Suck, You’re Safe With Me

I was having a conversation earlier with my friends Ann and Cindy, and the line “people suck, love them anyway” came up.  Which then needed to be turned into a cross-stitch pattern.


Click the above image to download the PDF!

I also designed a new stencil by request yesterday…safe

I’m donating all of the proceeds to happymakers on gofundme – I’ll be looking for people trying to do good and giving any cash I make straight to them.  Alternatively, if you want to cut your own stencil, hit me up and I’ll get you an svg file.

I’m still keeping my head down and trying to be more love all the time.  It’s hard.  But I’m trying.  and #belove365 is still going, come on over to my page on facebook to see the progress and try to win one!

Okay, I’m out.

Be love.  Be kind.

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