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  1. Incorporating yoga into art journaling? I never thought of that. anyway, first experience was with chair yoga because I was worried I wouldn’t be anywhere near flexible enough. I was the youngest in the room and not the most flexible but I loved going. Recently I’ve started for-reals yoga and I’m the second youngest in the room (ha!) but it’s an amazing safe space so plan to continue once a week.

  2. Eileen

    I remember doing yoga with my Mum when I was a young girl, and I loved it. Due to many accidents over the years I stopped practicing yoga, but I would love to have another go at it. I think it is an awesome idea to incorporate yoga into LifeBook, so I’m really hoping I will be lucky enough to win a spot on LB2018.

  3. Alison Green

    I would love to have a place on LB2018, with ongoing family health issues including my own, becoming a full time carer for my mum and struggling financially, it would provide me with some much needed stress-free creativity therapy, some “me” time! My doctor suggests I try Pilates or Yoga but I haven’t tried Yoga yet – I would certainly be interesting to have a go. X

  4. fluidsign

    I’ve never mixed yoga with my art. I’m intrigued. I do love Yoga, but I haven’t regularly practiced it in about 5 years. I’d love to get back to it. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in LifeBook 2018 to see how these 2 worlds can come together!

  5. Betty S.

    thanks for a chance to win! my first yoga experience was not particularly great, I bought a kundalini yoga tape when I was young, and thought it was the strangest thing ever, that I put it away ,and never looked at it for a long time. Many years later though, I tried a different style and fell in love instantly.

  6. Chantelle Venter

    Firstly I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY for 6 September. What an amazing day we are celebrating with you 🙂 Glad that I came across your site. Yoga has been a dream of mine but due to being ill for the last 4 weeks I have had to postpone my idea. My mom goes on a regular basis though so will join her as soon as I am able. Secondly, this would be such a great opportunity to win a space. I’ve been dealing with 9 years of struggling both health and financial wise. My family has endured a very long path of pain and I believe some healing is in dire need. I know there are a lot of people struggling financially and physically, so I am just another soul searching for some kind of relief. Hoping and praying that there is someone out there whom will be willing to give me an opportunity to better myself and my life. Sending lots of love to everyone. May you have a blessed day. Hugs and kisses from South Africa xxx

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