1. Wendy Graham

    I am totally loving the swearbears 😀 they are wondermous!

    Shared to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Amazon Wish List lol – Have a fantabulous day!

  2. Ruth

    I love the block stencils that I have already got and these are close to my own pet insanities so I will wait a couple of days to see if I win or pay to get lucky before I get me some! Your stencils are perfect. Texture paste, paint and gesso all wipe right off and the lines are crisp and clear. LOVE!!!

  3. Marjolein Bussink

    Wow…… I totally love this!!! Thank goodness someone finally has the guts to make stencils with swearbears, awesome!!
    Shared on FB

  4. sharpstonerain

    Well Fuck. I love you Sarah and I love your stencils. (Don't tell anyone I told you that, I feel like I'm cheating on myself.) But you are totally rocking this! Gah, this is Lisa Cousineau. I don't know who that name is in the upper left corner 😀

  5. laura k

    Oh my !!! I fu@king Love these!! I think I fu@king love you!! Wish I lived closer to you, oh wait, that may be called stalking!! Ha ha ha! Rock on girl!!

  6. Heidi

    Swearbears and fetuses! Awesome! Now how about some sweary fetuses? Lol that would be super awesome. Thanks for this opportunity!

  7. MissMiika

    This is wonderfully generous of you <3 I'm currently contemplating whether or not my budget can let me get some of the mini moley stencils, they're amazing (like all of your stencils)
    Sharing on fb too 🙂

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