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  1. Fiona Jackson

    Herro Ms Trumpp! Thanks for this opportunity – LOVE that you’re doing a class in Mixed Tape II. I sure as eggs is eggs want to win a spot. I loved Mixed Tape ONE so muchly… Now I’m back doing art stuffs (after about 5 months being a wet nelly) I want all the inspiration I can get! Currently working on your watecolour BOD lesson (the first one back in March… shameful that I am so far behind – BUT behind does not exist, which is pretty wonderful!!)
    Bye bye bye! <3 Hugs from Spain n all

  2. Awesomely cool! I shared the giveaway opportunity for Mixed Tape ll on my blog, my Facebook account and in the two online art groups that I host.

  3. I shared on Twitter. I am really excited about this class! It will be my very first time taking a live class in any creative context. I love all kinds of art mediums, so Effy is fascinating to me. Music is a large part of my life and I cherish it more than any other form of entertainment. I happen to use music as a pain releaver/distraction technique. It helps with my chronic and severe back pain, that disables me after 7 back surgeries. That is why I thinking that this journal will be very precious to me! Cant wait for it to start! Thank you for giving this opportunity!

  4. I would love to win a spot in this class! Would be a happy birthday present, as today is my birthday ;). But any day is a good day for art and artjoirnal ;). Thanks for the chance !

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