#belove365 week 7 – Muktva


I have been a scatterbrained mess this week.  Drama and sorrow and complete bafflement led to a complete lack of inspiration or even any capacity to do anything but eat popcorn and watch Netflix.  I dragged my attention to the book this week, and the prompt was all about letting go.


The universe works in mysterious ways, sometimes, my loves.  Today, I am centered. Focused.  Ready.

Love has to be the quality that gives freedom, not new chains.  – Osho

Muktva is all about liberation, specifically liberating oneself.  It is shouting, “I want to be free!” at the universe and having the universe shrug and whisper, “then free yourself, already, fool!”  It is letting go of the things that do not serve you.  It is about freedom.

Love is the ultimate freedom.  The chance to be open and vulnerable, even knowing that it may come with a price, and doing it anyway.  There is no greater freedom than casting off the chains of hatred and insecurity and diving deep into love, not letting fear stop you.

Even in love’s purest form, however, there comes a time of letting go.  Whatever the reason, sometimes you have to whisper, “go in love,” and release it, whether it’s a person, an idea, a pet, or a haircut (ha!).

Sometimes you have to really look, stop holding on for ego’s sake, and just let go.

So.  Ask yourself:

“What am I holding because I’m afraid of failure?”  
“What can I release?”  
“What thoughts or ideas no longer serve me?”  
“How can I liberate myself?”  
“What am I wasting energy on?”

And let it go.

For me, it was a whole lot of ideas.  A relationship.  A bunch of unacceptable behaviors and beliefs in others that I was working myself up over (and have no ability to change).  I wrote them down.  Burned them.  Used their ashes to make art (literally).

And honestly, I feel lighter.  Freer.  More focused on what I CAN do, steps I CAN take.  I have more insight into the things that are within my power to change.  I know more deeply that I do all I can to act out of love, empathy, compassion, and kindness, and, when people don’t understand it, question it, question ME, that’s on them, and there’s nothing I can do about it other than just keep doing what I do.

And that’s pretty HUGE.

So!  Meditations!

This.  Is.  Everything.

Probably NSFW.  but really, are you meditating at work?  😉

Here’s a more serious one from our main man Chopra:

Ways to work with this prompt:

  1. Answer the above questions.  What can you release?  What is no longer serving you?
  2. Meditate on release, on loving something enough to let it go.  Alternatively, on loving yourself enough to overrule  your ego and let something go.
  3. Explore the concepts of freedom, emancipation, feeling trapped.
  4. Work with any of these quotes:
    1. “Love has to be the quality that gives freedom, not new chains.”  – Osho
    2. “Love is authentic only when it gives freedom.”  – Osho
    3. “It is only love which sets us free.”  – Maya Angelou
  5. Let love set you free.

Here is your video!  Full art lesson (including all my talk of making paint from ashes) is available for my Patreon peeps.  Post  your work (if you like!) in the Facebook group.

Have a wonderful week.  Go in love. <3


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  1. sunmoongal

    Do you have a stamp or stencil of your eyes? I love the logo one. Used a cut out of it in my journal. Would love to use in other art.
    Used two of your stencils in my postcard to trumpery will post on fb

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