1. OOOOOOH MYYYYYYYY this is SOOOOOO GREAT !!! LOVE IT !!! Thanks so much ! This piece with third eye speaks to me <3 your words are like Universe's voice ^_^ Thank you so much Sarah <3 <3 <3
    Btw I LOVE you sweat too 😛 with these two white dots that are like eyes 😛 Where did you bought it ? And your tee looks great oo ahahah
    ENORMOUS smooches from Belgium !
    Sandrine (or San Drine on FB) ^_^

  2. pagangaia

    YAY – this looks AWESOME! *gets ready to watch the video and reread the post to find out moar, moar, moarrrr…* Love the idea, and thank you SO much for this. I can't promise I'll do the journalling (art stuffs) but I do promise to do the breathing (no, I'm not being "funny" [heehee] but I will "intentionally" breathe – with the meditation. Thankees sweet Strumpet the Wonderful (aka: LoveBug!)
    Lotsa lovely love to you <3

  3. Chris

    I love it! What a fantasmagoric idea and you are sooo generous. Thank you so much. Love your faces, they are so cute an you are so adorable. My cat is snoring on the sofa. He has no problem with the breathing and being in the now. <3<3<3 from Portugal 🙂

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